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About us

Sublime Financial Advisory is a leading advisory company providing reliable & most accurate advise in Indian stock market for both trading and investment. through its specialized team of Experience research persons and technical analysts who watch & study the market. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, our team is highly qualified & experienced to handle it in both condition. Our main priority is to have best client relationship by providing individualistic & exclusive client care through our accurate predictions which gives you maximum profits.


In investment, our main focus is to identify the great business which is available at fair valuations. Here we are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to create wealth for you. Financial Market has seen transformations from intuitive judgement and guesswork to analytical performances of the markets. With the evolution of latest research techniques, Financial Market Recommendations are gaining importance as traders are looking for genuine predictions. Over the years, traders have learnt to execute trades online and offline successfully but they lack trading tips, i.e. The right decision at the right time to get maximum profit with minimal risks. Therefore, recommendations by experts at SUBLIME FINANCIL ADVISORS are meticulously selected based on the up-to-the-minute market conditions. We give inputs on markets, trading tips with entry and exit points, stop-losses and do a complete hand holding. Our trading recommendations are completely based on technical analysis of the market. We guide the clients to work on our recommendation by following our strategies in a disciplined manner with an aim to create an industry of professional financial market traders We break free from the competitive pack by staking out fundamentally new market space, creating products or services for which there are no direct competitors.


Our Motive:

Hassle-free administration, Timely updates, regular portfolio reviews and 24×7 online call center support to keep your investments on track.


Our research team takes an all-round view of investments using 3 steps:


i) Need Analysis:

“Know Your Client” principle is at the heart of our business. We believe that we need to know our clients risk profile, basic financial situation, to present them the right selection of investment products/schemes.


ii) Scheme Selection:

We will use our best judgment and ability to present you with the best of the breed investment schemes, for you to choose from.


iii) Efficient Execution:

Our service really begins when you have completed your first transaction through us. Our aim is to be continuously in touch with you with new offerings.