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Is it the right time to invest?

The Indian stock market after hitting historic highs has begun to show signs of uneasiness as valuations have run up and earnings recovery yet to catch up to markets up move.

Where is the market headed?

The million dollar question that springsin everyone’s mind is” Where is the market headed” and whether valuations are stretched?”

Are you planning to say bye bye to stocks?

“Be Fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are Fearful”
We have picked up safe stocks trading at very reasonable valuations which have the potential to deliver about 50% returns in the next 1 year.

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There are exceptions to every rule, but we hope that these solid tips for long-term investors and the common-sense principles we’ve discussed benefit you overall and provide some insight into how you should think about investing.

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Be open-minded.

Many great companies are household names, but many good investments are not household names. Thousands of smaller companies have the potential to turn into the large blue chips of tomorrow.

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Adopt a long-term perspective.

Large short-term profits can often entice those who are new to the market. But adopting a long-term horizon and dismissing the “get in, get out and make a killing” mentality is a must for any investor.

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