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Customized Portfolio Management Service


Moto Of CPMS:Every Client is unique.  We believe in a personalized approach to achieve full client satisfaction

Following are the criteria for our Customized Portfolio Management Service(CPMS):

  • Clients who have Equity Portfolio Value (or) Capital for Investment of over 10 Lacs Rs.
  • Investors who want Highly Personalized tailor made approach by directly discussing with the Fund Managers.
  • Clients who want an Integrated Financial Solution across asset classes to achieve their Goals.
  • Investors who want to build and maintain – A customized Portfolio taking into account their existing Portfolio, Risk Profile, Cash Flows and Financial Requirements.

Special Benefits Of CPMS:

  • Direct Access to Sublime’s Fund Manager Mr. Vinayakam, Who is having more then 25 years of experience in Equity Research. You will interact with them directly for all your investment queries.
  • You will get solution of all your other investments also like insurance policies, Mutual fund, property investment or taxation part.
  • All basic investment principals will be followed like capital will be divided in 2 parts. We will investment 70-75% of your capital and 25% of your total capital we will keep in cash that will be used in case of heavy market correction or other value investment opportunity
  • PMS Program will provide you detailed reports, recorded discussion of the ground level analysis like management conference calls, discussion with distributors, retailers and various other details which are crucial for the coverage of each and every angle of the recommendation.
  • A balanced portfolio of 12-15 stocks of large Cap and mid cap stocks with proper sector diversification and capital allocation.

Types of Sublime CPMS Based On Individual Requirement:

  • Stock allocation rules strictly followed for respective PMS products.
  • Conservative portfolio: Long Term Investment only, allocated 80% large-cap, 20% mid-cap.
  • Moderate portfolio: long term Investment only(Minimum Holding 2 year), 50% in Large Caps & 50% in Mid Caps stocks.
  • Aggressive portfolio: Long term + Mid term investment, 70% in long term, 30% in Mid term(6-9 month or 1 year).
  • Capital protection portfolio(Hedging): 20% in F&O, 80% in equity(Short Term, Mid term and Long term).
  • 20% cash will keep in hand in any kind of portfolio.

CPMS will be designed based on client’s risk tolerence according to following factors:

  • Age– an investor may have lower risk tolerance as they get older and financial constraints are more prevalent.
  • Family situation – an investor may have higher income needs if they are supporting a child in college or an elderly relative.
  • Wealth and income – an investor may have a greater ability to invest in a portfolio if he or she has existing wealth or high income.
  • Psychological – an investor may simply have a lower tolerance for risk based on his personality.

N.B: Sublime Research Team will focus on minimum 30-35% YOY average return from portfolio. On the basis on Compounded return, your portfolio size will be 5 time from your present capital size after 5 years if you will follow sublime research team instructions point to point.

Let Me Explain You Step By Step How It Works:

Step-1 [Councelling] – A dedicated analyst who is assigned to you will do a counselling where in your risk profile, your goals, your investment plan etc will be discussed.

Step – 2 [Portfolio Health Check] – Our expert team will be working on your existing portfolio (if any) and advising you which stock to hold and which stock to exit and why you need to hold/sell any stock. This will make your present investment robust.

Step-3 [Portfolio Design] – New stocks will be added in your portfolio which will help you achieve your goals. These new stocks will be apart from your existing good stocks. We will advice you which stock to buy and how much, what price and when etc You will be advised on the portfolio stock allocation and cash allocation % etc.

Step-4[Transition To Model Portfolio]: During next 3-4 weeks, your portfolio will be aligned towards the portfolio designed by our fund manager for you based on your financial goals and requirement which will be suited to your style of investment.

Monthly Activity – Next month onward, you will receive max 1-2 update report per month on portfolio. If any stock is added or sold from the portfolio, you will be informed through email and SMS alerts to your cell# so that you can make the changes as per the instruction given in the report. we will personally call and advice you to make the changes so that you will get use to the process followed. You will receive month end update on portfolio which will cover update on your portfolio stocks like quarterly results, announcements, corporate events etc.


1 year

3 Year

5 Year


Rs 50,000/-

Rs 1,00,000/-

Rs 1,35,000/-

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