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45% returns in 6 Months vs 24% returns in Nifty – Medium Term Performance

On 14-02-2016 in our safe long term report we had recommended 12 stocks when the stock market was falling and there was panic in the market. We had recommended the stock as the street got nervous which provided a good entry point. The nervousness was exaggerated and we could sense people selling in panic. But we were not perturbed as we knew that the street is over reacting. We decided to go out and give a list of 12 recommendations. But we were determined to give recommendation which would be less risky at the same time generate good returns for our investors. Our belief has paid off and today our recommendations have given an average of 45 % return in 6 months. Remember the age old adage in Stock Markets” Buy when everyone is Buying and Sell when everyone is selling”. This has worked well for us and our investors are getting ready to laugh all the way to the bank.

There are two ways in which one can manage a Portfolio which is Active and Passive Style. A Passive sytle of investment is generally long term while an active style of investment involves active churning of portfolio to make returns. An active style of investing requires skill and fast decision making skills which would enable an investor to make quick bucks from trading. But the problem is one needs skill to figure out which stock to buy and when stock to book profits etc. This requires skill as you not only need to spend time but also keep a close watch which is very difficult given our busy professional lives. This is where the   packages of Sublime comes in the picture.

You all would have heard of the have heard from friend and relatives about them making money like say “I made 10,000/- today from trading and all that”. But there are two questions here. One is “whether they are sustainable” and Two is “Are they making such money consistently”. The answer to those questions is that it is not feasible. If someone is able to do that without skill and experience make Rs.10000/- per day consistently then they would not have to work for any one nor do they need to diversify their investments.

Please find the list of stocks and their performance below.