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According Gold to Crude Oil Ratio Further downside expected , Best 10 Value Investment Stocks to Buy

What is gold to crude oil ratio? It simply means that how many barrels of oil can be bought in one ounce of gold at any time. ....

  • On 14-02-2016 in our safe long term report we had.

Where is the market headed?.....

  • The million dollar question that springsin everyone's mind is "Where is the market headed" and whether valuations are stretched?" and wi....

Sublime's Technical View On Market For - (27/06/20.....

  • Market is above the 30 day moving average on daily chart so it shows that market is not in a bearish trend yet and it is just profit booking by retailers. Relative Data as following: RSI= 51.03 ....

Why FED rate Hike will Not Affect much Our market?.....

  • Indian Market is the most expensive emerging market and at the same time it is the most favorite emerging markets as well.



Investment Services

Premium Investment Plan

Moto Of CPMS: “Every Client is unique. We believe in a personalized approach to achieve full client satisfaction”

Standard Investment Plan

These are tactical bets as well as arbitrage opportunities also. These rare but sure shot money making agenda, which we made it incredibly possible in the past also.

Turnaround Recommendations Plan

A turnaround is the financial recovery of a company that has been performing poorly for an extended time. To effect a turnaround,

Trading services

Future Trading Plan

Our Algorithm trade plan consists well researched Future calls. Proper money management, Right market timing & emotional control will our responsibility, what you need.

Cash Trading Plan

Calls will be generated based on Algorithms so human emotional impact will not be there.

Option Trading Plan

Calls will be generated based on Algorithms so human emotional impact will not be there.

Index (Nifty/Bank Nifty) Trading Plan

Nifty 50 index is well diversified, it consists of 50 stocks which represents more than 10 different sectors. This diversification provides stability and therefore protects you when your view goes wrong.

Trading Combo PMS Details

Call will be received through phone call, sms and mail. Senior Member from technical team personally will call you and will tell to buy no of lots


"Sublimes Customized PMS is really good approach. I am getting regular updates on my portfolio. Hedging policy on investment is very good."

Jaishankar, Patna

"There mid term stocks are generating very good return. There 3-6 months calls are based on event and some calls are market neutral. I made good profit in Indigo IPO and after that alembic pharma cRamesh, Panipat

"I find problem with sublime as they generate very few intraday calls(10-12 calls only) in a month and sometimes i was not able to work so i missed and subscription amount also gone in vaKiran P, Mangalore

"Risk management policy of sublime is very good. I never occurred big loss on there intraday calls and getting decent profit regularly. Each trader should try momentum calls atleast Madhusudan, Mathura






Sublime Financial Advisory is a leading advisory company providing reliable & most accurate advise in Indian stock market for both trading and investment. through its specialized team of Experience research persons and technical analysts who watch & study the market. Whether the market is bullish or bearish, our team is highly qualified & experienced to handle it in both condition. Our main priority is to have best client relationship by providing individualistic & exclusive client care through our accurate predictions which gives you maximum profits.


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Over the years we have found that many of our Clients choose us because of our guiding principles. The purpose and mission of Sublime Financial Advisory is to provide most accurate, timely entry & exit in stocks. We are committed to excellence in attaining best results of recommendations. We dedicate our time, talent and energy to these objectives.

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